Codeplugs and Radio Programming

Programming a radio used to be a simple task. Now days it is a tedious process that includes digital modes, talkgroups and timeslots (for DMR), NAC (for P25), and CTCSS for analog repeaters. You may use one of the following files to help program your radio with all repeaters in the Outer Banks area.

Aug 2, 2020 – Codeplugs updated to add the Mamie VHF DMR repeater.

The DMR codeplugs assumes a transceiver capable of 144MHz and 440MHz operation and includes all repeaters supported by Fessenden Amateur Radio Society and Outer Banks Repeater Association. You may need to modify the codeplug to remove channels not supported by your radio.

You will need to add your DMR ID to your radio after importing the codeplug.